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tivùsat is a multichannel service

tivùsat is a wide window on the world of entertainment, news, culture, sport, fiction and show business. Channels offer is constantly growing to satisfy the preferences and tastes of all viewers.

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  • The 23 regional RAI newscasts are visible
    from channel 301 to channel 323

    Lista numerazione
    TG Regionali
    Rai 3 TGR Valle d’Aosta Channel 301
    Rai 3 TGR Piemonte Channel 302
    Rai 3 TGR Liguria Channel 303
    Rai 3 TGR Lombardia Channel 304
    Rai 3 TGR Veneto Channel 305
    Rai 3 TGR Trentino Alto Adige Bolzano Channel 306
    Rai 3 TGR Trentino Alto Adige Trento Channel 307
    Rai 3 Südtirol Channel 308
    Rai 3 TGR Friuli Venezia Giulia Channel 309
    Rai 3 TGR Furlanija Julijska Krajina Channel 310
    Rai 3 TGR Emilia-Romagna Channel 311
    Rai 3 TGR Toscana Channel 312
    Rai 3 TGR Marche Channel 313
    Rai 3 TGR Umbria Channel 314
    Rai 3 TGR Lazio Channel 315
    Rai 3 TGR Abruzzo Channel 316
    Rai 3 TGR Molise Channel 317
    Rai 3 TGR Campania Channel 318
    Rai 3 TGR Puglia Channel 319
    Rai 3 TGR Basilicata Channel 320
    Rai 3 TGR Calabria Channel 321
    Rai 3 TGR Sardegna Channel 322
    Rai 3 TGR Sicilia Channel 323

* DVB-S 2 standard definition channel; only available on the HD tivùsat set-top-box with gold label and on the HD-ready iDTV with white label or tivùsat CAM.
** Only available with golden smartcard

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